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Bread Wheat: Crop Origins and Cultural Uses Part 3

Claudia Carter talks about the biochemistry of wheat part 3.

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Wheat Field Phenotyping

Saarah Kuzay discusses how to interpret wheat phenotypes in the field.

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Brewtiful Cheesy Breezy Bites

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Beerscotti by Sunrise Foods

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Session 6: Double Cropping Canola

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WheatCAP Webinar Session Eight - Evaluating Pasta Quality For Durum

WheatCAP Webinar Series: Wheat Breeding from Plow-to-Plate invites guest speaker, Claudia Carter from the California Wheat Commission for our final webinar session to discuss "Evaluating Pasta…

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IGN - Christine Diepenbrock - Nov 20, 2019

IGN lecture with Christine Diepenbrock - Opportunities and challenges in plant breeding for nutritional quality.

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The UC Davis Forum on the Public University and the Social Good - Elizabeth Hillman - May 23, 2019

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DSC - Carson Jeffres - 02-06-2019 - Adaptive Management Forum

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HYD151: Tackling New Frontiers in Science

This 53-minute presentation offers a case study in which a simple, naive idea led to fundamentally new advancements in science, aided by innovations in field methods.

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HYD151: Environmental Tracers

This 42-minute presentation explains how deliberate and accidental materials released into natural waters can be used to reveal the mechanisms by which water moves around and transfers the materials…

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HYD151: Surface Sediment Sampling and Measurement, part 2

This 29-minute presentation presents numerous methods for measuring erosion and deposition in flux units of length, volume, and mass per time.

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HYD151: Theoretical Basis for Field Research

This 63-minute presentation explains the theoretical foundation for hydrological field work in terms of the different types of field hydrology studies. Even though this is a field methods course, it…

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HYD151: Historical Analysis

This 38-minute presentation explains the different styles of hydrological behavior revealed through historical analysis as well as several different approaches to getting at this.

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Michael Davis

In this conversation, Emeritus Professor Michael Davis discusses his career at the University of California at Davis, including important persons and events that shaped his interests and scholarship,…

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