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Overview of UCD, Shields Library Homepage

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A conversation about DEI efforts and teaching with video with Bwalya Lungu: A SITT 2023 Interview with Dr. Andy Jones

In this wide-ranging conversation, Bwalya and Andy talk about the importance of listening to student feedback and the power of the "Know Your Students" tool. Bwalya shares her DEI efforts…

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Lecture 16- Global Nutrition Policies & Programs: Ethiopia's Multisectoral Nutrition Strategy

NUT 219B Global Nutrition Policies and Programs Lecture 16 May 25 2023 Ethiopia's Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategy

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February DOLCE on opportunities and challenges of flipping a course - Summary video by Dr. Andy Jones

A preview of a DOLCE talk by math professor Joseph Biello about flipping his math courses with the help of pre-recorded video. Please also review the full event recording.

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Library Homepage Introduction

This guide will take you through the library homepage (effective 16 August 2022) and demonstrate how to: Navigate the homepage Find Research Guides Contact Librarians Access resources from off-campus…

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Week 3 Lecture: Genre Part 2

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UWP104D Library Resources

A brief description of types of questions (background questions for an overview on a topic and foreground questions for a specific research question). Education Subject Guide and the course guide…

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book an appointment with a librarian

Find out how easy it is to book an appointment with a librarian for any research needs with a click of the button.

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Workshop 11: Making Use of On-Demand "Cloud" Computers from Amazon Web Services

This workshop will introduce attendees to AWS computer “instances” that let you rent compute time on large or specialized computers. We will also talk about how to estimate the compute…

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Intro to Library Homepage

The goal of this short video is to identify key aspects of the library homepage for research and identifying library services. Learning Outcomes include: •Understand the…

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ENV200C - Writing Policy Recommendations

How to write recommendation section of your strategy memo

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Welcome video

Welcome to ENV200C!

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ECS 220 8a:8.2 NL and NPSPACE nondeterministic space-bounded computation and prover-verifier characterization

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ECS 220 6b:7.2-3 computable enumerability

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ECS 220 5c:6.6 why is it hard to prove P neq NP

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ECS 220 2c:5.3-2 NAE-SAT reduces to 3-Coloring

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