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464 Chris van Kessel

Name:Chris van Kessel Interviewer: Ted DeJong Date Interviewed: 5/9/2018 Date Appointed: 1996 Date Retired: 2017 Department(s):Agronomy and Range Science;Plant Sciences n this conversation,…

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Jiro "Jerry" Kaneko

Name: Jiro "Jerry" Kaneko Interviewer: Arthur L. Black Date Interviewed: 1/23/03 Date Appointed: 1957 Date Retired: 1993 Department(s): Clinical Pathology

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Donald R. Cordy

In this conversation, Emeritus Professor Donald Cordy discusses his career at the University of California at Davis, including important persons and events that shaped his interests and scholarship,…

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Cruz Reynoso

Name: Cruz Reynoso Interviewer: Kevin Johnson Date Interviewed: 5/29/2013 Date Appointed: 2001 Date Retired: 2006 Department: School of Law In this conversation , Emeritus Professor…

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Roy Doi

Name: Roy H Doi Interviewer: Valerie M. Williamson Date Interviewed: 11/16/2009 Date Appointed: 1965 Date Retired: 2008 In this conversation Emeritus Professor Roy Doi discusses his career at…

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Arthur Black

Name: Arthur L. Black Interviewer: Michael L. Bruss Date Interviewed: 3/30/2000 Date Appointed: 1954 Date Retired: 1991 Department: Physiological Sciences In this conversation , Emeritus…

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Jerome Rosen

Name: Jerome W. Rosen Interviewer: Kern D. Holoman Date Interviewed: 3/9/1994 Date Appointed: 1952 Date Retired: 1988 Department: Music In this conversation , Emeritus Professor Jerome Rosen…

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