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Alan Bennett honoring Kent Bradford

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UC Davis Graduate Program of Environmental Policy and Management 1

Video by Benjamin Fargen Films

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Statistics MS Open House 040122.mp4

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IET Team Update: NSE integral to equipping the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) as it nears completion

Interviews with engineers from IET's Network Service Engineering (NSE) group and a principal technician from CR's Installation Services. Insight into the challenges and accomplishments as…

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MCIP Recruitment 2022 - Orientation

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Spotlight on Sacramento

In the third session of the Volunteer Leadership Summit Wednesday Workshop, featuring Bob Segar, associate vice chancellor for campus planning and director of Aggie Square and Brad Simmons, chief…

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79 Tupper

C. John Tupper was the founding Dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine.

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UCD-MCIP_Campus Tour

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EPS 131 Lecture 11 (Second Part) Lecture 12

EPS 131 Lecture 11 (Second Part) Lecture 12

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Office Hours with Dave and Anita. Episode 6. Sustainable Wine Processing.

Episode 6. Jill Brigham, Ned Spang, Ron Runnebaum, and David Block discuss the sustainable wine processing ideas being implemented at UC Davis that puts us at the cutting edge of sustainable winery…

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Reflections on 18 Years of Independence, East Timor (Timor Leste); Covid-19; Challenges to Education; Inequalities

Reflections on 18 Years of Independence (since May 20, 2002): Covid-19; Challenges in the Right to Education in Timor Leste (East Timor); Rural-Urban Inequalities.

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module 3, video 3, Music 107B

Working with multiple buffer~s.

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ANS 2 Library Session Part III

Learning Outcomes for Part III ◦Find CAB Abstracts on Ovid – two paths to get there ◦Know what information is included in the CAB Abstracts…

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481 Nicole Biggart

Dean Smiley interview of Dean Nicole Biggart on 21 April 2019.

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Storer Lecture - Katherine Pollard - January 8, 2020

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CMSI Nov 2019 - Management Perspectives Across Systems - Freshwater - Fred Sklar

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