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Robots Move Like Robots, Humans Move Like Humans

BMEGG Symposium 2024 Scientific Communication Competition Robots Move Like Robots, Humans Move Like Humans Robotic and humanistic movement are often visually differentiated since human movement has…

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Improving Prosthetic Technology for Children with Upper Limb Loss

BMEGG Symposium SciComm 2023

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On the Development of a Fully Automated System for the Multidimensional Characterization of THz devices

Senior Design Project: SD14 (RFuWmmTHz) Team Lead: Trevor Pollack Advisor: Prof. Gomez-Diaz

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Patten Lab Tour

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2019 Delta Invasive Species Symposium: Valerie Cook

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2019-04-17 Jenny Sabin - Alberini Lecture Series

April 17, 2019 - Alberini Lecture Series with speaker Jenny Sabin from the Jenny Sabin Studio.

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Book Project - James Housefield - January 30, 2019

Design and the Play Instinct: Rand Paul and Joy in Modern Art.2019-01-30_CCBP_James-Housefield

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Book Project 2015-16 - Richard Kim (1-25-2016)

"Free Chol Soo Lee!": The California Criminal Justice System and Social Movements for Justice

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