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The Art of Science: Female Hunters of the Early Americas

Produced by Academic Technology Services. This video highlights a recent illustration created by ATS artist Matt Verdolivo. Matt created the artwork in collaboration with UC Davis Assistant Professor…

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Specimen ID guide for Say's Phoebe

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Supplement03: Making Herbarium Specimens (Guest Presentation by Julie Kierstead)

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2019 Delta Invasive Species Symposium: Rob Thoms

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HYD151: Tackling New Frontiers in Science

This 53-minute presentation offers a case study in which a simple, naive idea led to fundamentally new advancements in science, aided by innovations in field methods.

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HYD151: Surface Sediment Sampling and Measurement, part 2

This 29-minute presentation presents numerous methods for measuring erosion and deposition in flux units of length, volume, and mass per time.

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