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A conversation about participatory science in a unique no-tech setting with Laci Gerhart: A SITT 2023 Interview with Dr. Andy Jones

Laci Gerhart shares her teaching experiences in the unique no-tech setting of a California prison. She describes the data collection the learners participate in and the challenges of providing…

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SPH 113_Incarceration_5_4

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"Your Vote is Your Voice" Sasha Abramsky

Sasha Abramsky, Continuing Lecturer, University Writing Program Campus Community Book Project 2019-10-29_CCBP_Sasha-Abramsky

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Book Project - The Good News presented by Sasha Abramsky 10-30-2018


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Sarah Haughn (02-17-2017)

Carry It On: Antenatal Cell Sharing, or the Umbilical C(h)ord of Kakuya Shakur

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Book Project 2015-16 - Panel (01-27-2016) - Grattet, Smith, McCarthy, Carter

The Great Divide: Crime, Incarceration and their Consequences. Presented by Ryken Grattet, Chris Smith, Bill Mc Carthy, Angela Carter

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Book Project 2015-16 - Richard Kim (1-25-2016)

"Free Chol Soo Lee!": The California Criminal Justice System and Social Movements for Justice

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Book Project 2015-16: Panel (11-2-2015)

Addressing "The Divide"--The Human Impact of Criminal and Immigration Detention

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Elisa Joy White

Migration and the African Diaspora in Europe

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AMS 10 Sasha Abramsky 11-21-13

Social justice author, journalist and UC Davis Writing Program faculty Sasha Abramsky speaks with a UC Davis American Studies 10 class about his work. . November 21, 2013

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