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SITT 2023: Using technology to facilitate learning abstract concepts by Paul Martin

Full Title: Using augmented reality models, customized analog LED point cube tools, and behavioral spectrometer active analysis examples to facilitate a student’s learning of abstract concepts,…

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Stepping Outside the CAVE: Developments in Virtual Reality Technology for 3D Data Exploration - 2023-02-14

Virtual Reality (VR) has evolved from an expensive and finicky niche technology only available at well-funded large institutions, into a practical consumer product with tremendous research…

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This short screencast will demonstrate how to effectively search Compendex, an engineering database.

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Guidance for writing problem statement section of policy paper

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2019 Engineering Student Speaker - Justin Hardin - June 14 2019

Justin Hardin, candidate for the degree Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, gives the student commencement address at the UC Davis College of Engineering commencement ceremony, June 14th,…

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Big Bang! 2018-2019 - Starting Something That Matters - November 1, 2018

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SAS004 00 Intro OPTIONAL Video. Hal Niedzvieki Guest Lecture

This is the guest lecture from pop culture guru and author Hal Niedzvieki. This lecture helps to introduce this course and establish a framework for understanding modern popular culture. We will use…

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Distinguished Educational Thinkers Speakers Series: Noel Enyedy

Feb 2, 2014. Noel Enyedy: "Play, Scientific Modeling, and Digital Technologies: a Case Study of Physics Through Pretend Play". February 5, 2014

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