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SITT 2021 - Using Canvas and Gradescope as tools in the Building of Equity and Inclusion in the Large Classroom

Janine Wilson In the Fall of 2020, I taught four courses and created new assessments for each. My presentation will discuss key innovations in assessments given the various course levels and sizes…

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SITT 2021 - Group Work as a key to socialization

Maria Trnkova There are many benefits of having a collaborative study in class and it was crucial to offer group work during pandemic. On-line teaching taught us new skills that help to run group…

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EEC 100 Lab 1 - Lab Equipment Intro

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MHI 289I, Fall 2020, Lecture #17

This is a recording of the seventeenth lecture, recorded by Zoom

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ESP 168a: Video 8.2 - Life-Cycle Analysis

Defining Goals and Scope

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The Lucas Smith Lab

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ESP 168a: Video 2.1 - Models and Modeling 1

Modeling Introduction

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SITT 2020 Interview: Andy Jones and Julia Chamberlain

Instructional Choices and Modifications: Video, Assessment, and Engagement In Spring 2020, Dr. Chamberlain taught a 400-student General Chemistry course using asynchronous lectures, synchronous…

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module 1, video 6, Music 107B

meter~, scope~, and spectroscope~ help us understand our simple ring modulator.

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Quick overview of content and structure for a background section of policy paper

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DOLCE - Naomi Janowitz - Feb 7, 2020 - AUDIO ONLY

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DOLCE - Naomi Janowitz / John Goldberg / Steve Faith - February 7, 2020

DOLCE - February 7, 2020 with Naomi Janowitz, John Goldberg, and Steve Faith. Hosted by Dr. Andy Jones.

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Gradescope Workshop on October 11-2019

This is a recording of the workshop presented by Gradescope employees specifically for UC Davis participants on Friday, October 11, 2019. It is intended to be used as an overview of how Gradescope…

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DOLCE - October 4, 2019: “ Technologically-Supported Tautology: Facilitating Teacher Presence When the Teacher Isn’t Present.”

The first DOLCE of the quarter prompted thoughtful discussions about how faculty use technology in their classrooms to support teacher presence as well as to make grading easier. Joe…

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