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Traveling Salesman problem formulation continued. Discussion of non-negative multipliers, redundant (in)equalities, and their relationship.

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Feline Spay Model Video 2023

Instructions on how to use the feline spay model available in the Clinical Skills lab for VET 431.

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Fireside Chat Opening Session_Career Development Week '23

Our welcome address will summarize our week of programming with brief remarks from our Chief Human Resources Officer, Tammy Kenber.Our highlight is a fireside-style chat with keynote speaker Jita…

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Tips for generating a Bibliography using Sciwheel, a reference manager tool.

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Introduction to Sciwheel-

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Tips for searching ProQuest: Earth, Atmospheric & Aquatic Science Collection

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EEC195:Autonomous Vehicle Design Project Video #TEAM 3

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Breaking into Finance after Your Physics Degree by Peter Salzman

Peter completed his doctorate in physics at UCD with Steven Carlip in 2005, researching the semi-classical theory of gravitation. He decided to forgo looking for a postdoc, and instead, taught for a…

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HDE 131 Spring 2023, Lecture 4.2, Part 3

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JR scicomm video

Jacob Roshgadol Scicomm video for BMEGG symposium 2023

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Jacob Roshgadol scicom video for BME symposium 2023.

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LEND Socials

The MIND Institute offers an annual cohort of leadership training dedicated to the world of neurodiverse population. The program is called LEND for Leadership and Education in Neurodiverse and…

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Dan Putnam honoring Robert Hutmacher

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Presentation on 4/21/2023 by Dannie Kiel (Physics, Applied Math) about career opportunities in patent law. Video is just of her slides unfortunately.

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UC Davis Graduate Program of Environmental Policy and Management 2

Video by Benjamin Fargen Films

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