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Overview of Databases and Data Storage - 2024-04-11

This workshop provides a broad overview of the various technologies for storing and organizing different collections of data. We will discuss how data structure and data types impact your storage…

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Brief overview of Library's website.

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Tips for searching ProQuest: Earth, Atmospheric & Aquatic Science Collection

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Tips for searching Academic Search Complete

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Storer Lecture - Fatimah Jackson - Day 2 - October 25th, 2023

Fatimah Jackson, Professor, Howard University & Director, W. Montague Cobb Research Laboratory Fatimah Jackson received her Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. (cum laude with Distinction in all Subjects)…

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ANS 2 - Part III: Locating the peer-reviewed Animal Science Literature

•Find CAB Abstracts on Ovid – two paths to get there•Know what information is included in the CAB Abstracts database•Understand how the Advanced Search works•Learn how to…

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Introduction to the Library's website.

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Storer Lecture (Peer Lecture) - Sean Eddy - March 7, 2023

Sean Eddy is a computational biologist at Harvard University. Before moving to Harvard in 2015, he was a group leader at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Janelia Research Campus, and before…

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A ~1 hour introduction to SQLite3 - the embedded little database system that could!

DataLab Affiliates event

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CFDE May Hackathon - iHMP Exploration

This session involved getting Human Microbiome Project (HMP) data off of the CFDE Portal and working in the cloud using Amazon Web Services. Participants were provided with an Amazon Web Services…

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ECS 235B, Winter 2022; Lecture #26; March 7, 2022

Lecture 26, on March 7, 2022 of ECS 235B, Foundations of Computer and Information Security

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UWP104D Library Resources

A brief description of types of questions (background questions for an overview on a topic and foreground questions for a specific research question). Education Subject Guide and the course guide…

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First WheatCAP meeting, edition 2022-2026

First meeting of the WheatCAP 2022-26 Project On Dec. 15 2021 we held the initial meeting of the new edition of the WheatCAP project. For more information visit:…

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Get it at UC

How to use the new "Get it at UC" logo to retrieve articles available at UC Davis or make an InterLibrary Loan request for articles we don't.

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Intro to Library Homepage

The goal of this short video is to identify key aspects of the library homepage for research and identifying library services. Learning Outcomes include: •Understand the…

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