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Laura Perilla-Henao Exit Seminar

“Ecology, genetics, and genomics of biological nitrogen fixation in the wild: Cicer spp. symbiosis with esorhizobium spp. as a source for useful alleles in agriculture”

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Dr. Irene Newton - Friends with benefits: protective microbial symbiosis in the honey bee

"The most important agricultural insect, the honey bee, houses multiple bacterial symbionts that provide distinct benefits under environmental stress. Our lab has been at the forefront of…

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ECS 120 9c:5 N vs. {0,1}*

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Lowe-Power Lab recruitment video.mp4

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Office Hours with Dave and Anita. Episode 10. The Future of Wine Microbiology

In the 10th episode of Office Hours with Dave and Anita, Dave and Anita welcome Ben Montpetit, David Mills, Kyria Boundy-Mills, and Lucy Joseph to speak about their research related to wine…

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BIS180L Lecture7a RiceSNPs

BIS180L Intro to Rice data set.

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VEN290 Non-Saccharomyces yeast to lower ethanol production by Malenca Logan (April 14 2020)

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Storer Lecture - Katherine Pollard - 01-09-2020

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