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Closing Remarks

GTI Founding Director Katharine Burnett

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Sips & Bites: Exploring the World of Artisanal Tea

On December 15, 2021, we featured the Global Tea Initiative (GTI). It was established in 2015 to promote evidence-based knowledge about tea, the most consumed prepared beverage in the…

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Pricing Asian options by dynamic programming. mat133-2021s-notes-2021-05-14.pdf Videos and all other materials are copyright 2021 Matthias Köppe and shared as Open Educational Resources subject…

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Tea Meditation (Bowl)

Grab a bowl from your kitchen, some tea and hot water. Join us for this mindfulness tea moment that will hopefully be incorporated into your routine to de-stress and improve well-being.

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ECS 220 4b:6.1-1 time constructible functions

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ECS 220 2b:4.3-2 NTIME(t(n))

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ECS 220 1b:2.2-2 asymptotic notation

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ECS 120 4b:1 RRGs can simulate DFAs example

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Chapter 4 Review #16: Drug Pharmacokinetics

Surge function model of drug concentration First and Second derivatives, maxima, and inflection points Typo: text in the video says "pharmokinetics" where it should say…

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Section 4.2 Prob 10

Plotting data, concavity, estimating first and second derivatives from data

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ECS-175: 2020-11-17 11:00

ECS-175 Lecture 2020-11-17 at 11:00

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ECS-175: 2020-11-12 11:00

ECS-175 Lecture 2020-11-12 at 11:00

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Chapter 3 Review #86 - Yeast Population

Population Growth Logistic Functions Chain Rule, Limits at Infinity

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Section 3.5 Prob 90: von Bertalanffy revisited

Calculating rate of change of mass of a fish using a model for how length varies with age.

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Section 3.2 #35 - Malarial Parasites (Estimating Derivatives)

Estimating the value of the derivative from a table of function values from malarial parasite population data

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