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Machine Learning in R: Clustering and Classification (Part 2 of 2) 2024-05-30

This two-part workshop series provides an introduction to using R for two popular machine learning techniques: clustering and classification. Clustering involves identifying groups of similar…

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Decoding Cancer's Signature: Raman Spectroscopy Empowered by Machine Learning

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2023-2024 UC Davis Engineering Distinguished Speaker Series

Melanie Mitchell - Artificial Intelligence

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Leveraging PlayPosit for Non-Instructional Use

Recorded Wednesday, February 21, 2024 Watch this recording inside PlayPosit for an interactive table of contents. Stephanie from PlayPosit guided us to discover how PlayPosit can amplify engagement…

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Lauren Au 1.31.24 IGN Seminar

Beyond the English Channel: Navigating hypothermia and caloric needs during marathon swimming while pregnant

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Here is our presentation for the project.

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Career Development Week Closing Event

Join us as we wrap up the week with more detailed information about Career Development resources for staff and faculty. Whether you aim for a career transition, enhance your current role, or make the…

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Environmental Toxicology - UC Davis

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Digital A11y Campaign Oct 2023

An introduction to SiteImprove, the beginning of the UC Davis Digital A11y Campaign for the 2023-24 Academic Year! We'll be meeting the second Wednesday of the month from 12-1 via Zoom, with…

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Abhaya Dandekar honoring John Yoder

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Lecture 4- Global Nutrition Policies and Programs: M&E

NUT 219B Global Nutrition Policies and Programs Lecture 4 April 18 2023 Monitoring and evaluation

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Lecture 3- Global Nutrition Policies and Programs: Program Planning and Evaluation

NUT 219B Global Nutrition Policies and Programs Lecture 3 April 11 2023 Program planning and evaluation

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Savor - Viticultores: Mexican American Perspectives on Grapes, Community and Resilience

On March 17, 3023, Mario Bazán, Dolores Torres, Gustavo Aviña came together to speak with moderator L. Steve Velasquez about their stories working in the vineyards of Napa…

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Prof. Cauwenberghs: Reverse Engineering the Cognitive Brain in Silicon and Memristive Neuromorphic System

Prof. Cawenberghs presents neuromorphic cognitive computing systems-on-chip implemented in custom silicon compute-in-memory neural and memristive synaptic crossbar array architectures that combine…

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Career Development Week_L&D Resources_UC Davis Campus Nov2022

Join us to hear an overview of Learning and Development resources for staff and faculty, specific to the UC Davis Campus. Learning and Development offers instructor-led courses and workshops,…

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