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Savor: The Dirt-y Solution to Climate Change

On June 18, 2024, we discussed regenerative agriculture with Ivo Jeramaz, Winemaker and Vice President of Vineyards & Production at Grgich Hills Estate, Linda Burch, CEO of the Alice Waters…

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OMOP 10 -- Working with the OMOP Team

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OMOP 6 -- How Data Are Mapped in OMOP

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OMOP 3 -- Epic Databases

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UC Davis Health - School of Medicine Commencement 2024 - Student Speaker - Dr. Cameron Clerkley

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Lec 17, May 10.mp4

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Robots Move Like Robots, Humans Move Like Humans

BMEGG Symposium 2024 Scientific Communication Competition Robots Move Like Robots, Humans Move Like Humans Robotic and humanistic movement are often visually differentiated since human movement has…

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From Stargazing to Spacecraft

"From Stargazing to Spacecraft" explores my career trajectory (no pun intended) from graduating with a BS in Physics from UC Davis to establishing myself in the space industry. This…

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2023-2024 UC Davis Engineering Distinguished Speaker Series

Melanie Mitchell - Artificial Intelligence

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The Future of California: Agricultural Innovation and Sustainability

At this Plugged In event, you’ll hear from leadership and esteemed faculty from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences share some of the latest and most exciting…

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Project Lesson 3

AvenueE Transfer Bridge 2023 Project Lesson 3

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SITT 2023: The Inclusive Future: Evaluating Classroom Technology for Accessibility and Universal Design by Sebastian Niles

Faculty often seek out new or frequently used technology to incorporate into their classroom. However, students with disabilities and other accessibility considerations are often left out of the…

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SS2 7B Lecture 1 Recorded

Lecture 1 of Physics 7B SS2 2023

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Lecture 17- Global Nutrition Policies and Programs: Scaling Up Nutrition

NUT 219B Global Nutrition Policies and Program Lecture 17 May 30 2023 Scaling Up Nutrition Programs

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ecs36a lecture 2023-06-02

ECS 36A Spring 2023 Lecture for June 2, 2023

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In Search of Invariance in Brains and Machines

Abstract: Despite their seemingly impressive performance at image recognition and other perceptual tasks, deep convolutional neural networks are prone to be easily fooled, sensitive to adversarial…

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