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DOLCE - April 5, 2024 - Student engagement and the multi-phase syllabus

Friday, April 5th was our first DOLCE of the spring quarter, this one featuring talks by Victoria Cross from Psychology and Rob Furrow from Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology. Tor Cross…

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2023-2024 UC Davis Engineering Distinguished Speaker Series

Melanie Mitchell - Artificial Intelligence

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PLO Assessment Overview

This video is intended for faculty, instructors, and other individuals who are supporting learning outcomes assessment for academic programs (e.g., majors, minors, and special programs). For more…

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AI-POWERED LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION: Innovative Strategies and Applications

Invited Panelists / Presenters Language Programs & The Academic Technology Services, UC Davis PART 1: Mini-Presentations and Q&A A diverse group of invited panelists will present their…

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DOLCE - February 2, 2024 - Reflective AI Alternatives and Metacognition

Please enjoy the recording of a DOLCE event on Friday, February 2, 2024. We heard presentations from Russ Carpenter from the University Writing Program and Patricia Turner from the Center for…

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Exploring the Mind: Memories for the Future

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UC Davis AI Speaker Series: Martin Hilbert—“What's the deal with ChatGPT?”

UC Davis professor Martin Hilbert presents an engaging session about the opportunities & risks of Large Language Models (LLMs).Thurs., Nov. 16, 2023, 11 a.m. DeCarli Room at the Memorial Union

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Next Steps in your Career Journey Utilizing Career Development Resources

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Join us for an interactive workshop on utilizing career development resources to achieve your professional goals. Learn how to leverage the…

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Career Development Week Closing Event

Join us as we wrap up the week with more detailed information about Career Development resources for staff and faculty. Whether you aim for a career transition, enhance your current role, or make the…

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Faculty Forum - November 17, 2023 - Generative AI teaching strategies

Academic Technology Services hosted a Faculty Forum on teaching with generative AI, explaining our class AI policies to students, and assessing those students who are accomplished users of tools…

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Strengths Driven Career Development 11_14_23

Discover the power of your natural talents and learn how to use them to achieve your personal and professional goals. Join us for an insightful workshop where you'll gain clarity on your values…

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Decoding and Demystifying Compensation 11_15_23

Are you confused about how your salary is determined? Do you want to learn more about the compensation system at UC Davis & UC Davis Health? Then don't miss out on our upcoming workshop led…

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Teaching in the Time of Generative AI: A Forum for Faculty and Instructors

This is a recording from a virtual panel discussion hosted by the Center for Educational Effectiveness on November 6, 2023.

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Exploring the Mind: How the Mind Solves 3D Visuospatial Problems: A Computational View

Exploring the mind series 2023-24

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DOLCE - November 3, 2023 - Managing Student Attention and Offering Audio Assessments

[Some content has been edited for privacy.]In our November DOLCE event on Friday, November 3rd, we heard presentations from Narine Yegiyan from Communication and Pamela Chisum from the University…

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Andy Jones previews the October 2023 Faculty Forum with Jenae Cohn

Andy Jones previews the October 2023 Faculty Forum with Jenae Cohn, Executive Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at UC Berkeley. Enjoy the full recording of Dr. Cohn and others…

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