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MMI 188A Final Exam Review Session Spring 2024

Human Immunology, UC Davis School of Medicine, Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology Hello again folks!We are almost done for the quarter! As such, I will be holding a Kahoot session…

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Organs-in-a-bottle: Understanding Cancer in the Palm of Your Hand - Sci Comm BMEGG Symposium

BMEGG SciComm Video 2024 Growing up, my father would love building these “ships-in-a-bottle” that you would see in antique shops. Now, imagine recreating a human organ as a biologically…

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Decoding Cancer's Signature: Raman Spectroscopy Empowered by Machine Learning

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CAMPOS Research Colloquium - Alvaro Alvarado - October 19, 2022

Formal Presentation from minute 0 to 57:19, followed by Q&A and informal discussion. Speaker: Alvaro Alvarado, Assistant Project Scientist, Kornblum Lab, Semel Institute for Neuroscience and…

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The Brain

by Kiara Sato

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Plant Biotechnology Friday review

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Plant Biotechnology Lecture

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Storer Lecture - Sir Walter Bodmer 10-29-13

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Storer Lecture - David Pellman 3-8-18

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Storer Lecture - David Pellman 3-7-18

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Gordon Theilen

Name: Gordon H. Theilen Interviewer: Robert L. Leighton Date Interviewed: 2/21/2006 Date Appointed: 1956 Date Retired: 1993 Departments: Veterinary cancer medicine, Veterinary oncology, …

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2016 College of Engineering Speaker Diane Bryant

Diane Bryant, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Data Center Group for Intel Corporation, gives the keynote address at the UC Davis College of Engineering commencement on June 12, 2016.

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UC Capitol Speakers Series: Christensen, Lyon, Chen 11-10-2015

"Breaking Barriers to Beat Cancer through Clinical Trials at UC Davis" Scott Christensen—UCD Medical Director, UC Davis Cancer Care Network, Cinda Lyon—Executive Director for…

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Storer Lecture - Steve Jackson 02-04-2009

"The DDR New Molecular Insights and New Approaches to Cancer Therapy" ATS Video migrated from on 2015-07-31

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