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Geometry of portfolios. Minimum-variance line (curve). mat133-2021s-notes-2021-06-02.pdf 3D graphics: hw6B_3D_1_X=6_Y=8_Z=0.html hw6B_3D_2_X=6_Y=8_Z=0.html Videos and all other materials are…

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Meeting-3-11-21: From biology to silicon

A review of basic neurobiology followed by a discussion on the capabilities of IBM's TrueNorth and Intel's Loihi neuromorphic chips.

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ECS 220 7c:7.5-2 existence of universal machines and the Church-Turing thesis

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ECH145A Lab2-DataAnalysis_video_1

Data analysis

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ECH 145A Lab 2 Part 2

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ESP168a - Video 3.4: Multi Criteria Analysis and Indicators and Indices

Multi Criteria Analysis Evaluation Methods

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Mini Medical School Week 3 - 2-18-17

Saturday, FEBRUARY 18, 2017 9 am: Nutrition: Does Anyone Know What to Believe Now?- Dana Lis, Ph.D. 10 am: Fitness and Sports in Midlife and Beyond – Keith Baar, Ph.D.

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