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ECS 220 3b:5.2-1 from circuits to formulas

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LP Polyhedra-Lec10

The simplex method

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LP Polyhedra-Lec11

more on simplex method

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2020-12-07: Stable set problem, induced face dimension (MAT 168 Optimization)

Determining the dimension of the face induced by a valid inequality for the stable set problem: Cycle inequality, lifted cycle inequality, clique inequality, edge inequality. notes-2020-12-07.pdfThe…

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2020-12-04: Stable set problem, formulations/cuts (MAT 168 Optimization)

The stable set (independent set) problem: Integer programming formulations, Chvátal–Gomory cuts. notes-2020-12-04.pdf Videos and all other materials are copyright 2020 Matthias…

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2020-10-21: LP reformulations, geometry (MAT 168 Optimization)

The operation of introducing slack variables as an "extended formulation". Reformulating problems with free variables to obtain a problem in standard form, viewed as another extended…

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2020-10-14: Primal simplex method, index set notation (MAT 168 Optimization)

Clarification on the terms "standard (inequality) form" vs. "standard equation form" of a linear optimization problem. Index sets for basic and nonbasic variables. A step of the…

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ESM108_Week5_Lab5_Review of Statistics1

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PN Junction (Part 2: Equilibrium)

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