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Residency Experiences: A Supportive Environment: Dr. Kelly O'Connell and Asst. Professor Dr. Kriti Gwal

Resident Kelly O'Connell talks about how she was supported by the UC Davis Radiology residency program and faculty when she was pregnant during her first year of residency.

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CHE-118B: 2022-09-07 07:57

Direct Alkylation of Enolate Ions, Aldol Condesation, Crossed Aldol Condensation, Reactions of Conjugated Carbonyls - 1,2- vs. 1,4-Addition, MIchael Additions, Robinson Annulation

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CHE-118B: 2022-08-18 07:57

Electrophilic Addition to Conjugated Dienes (Thermodynamic vs. Kinetic Control), Extrapolation to Extended Pi Systems, Diels-Alder Reaction/Mechanism, Stereochemistry of Diels-Alder Reactions,…

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CHE-118B: 2022-08-09 07:57

Electrophilic Addition of HX, Hydration of Alkenes, Halogenation of Alkenes, Oxymercuration-Demercuration, Hydroboration-Oxidation

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CHE-118B: 2022-08-04 07:57

Relative Stability of Substituted Alkenes, Formation of Alkenes via Elimination of Haloalkanes (E2) and Alcohols (E1), Hydrogenation of Alkenes, Basic Principles of Electrophilic Addition;…

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EE-Emerge Helping Hand

EE-Emerge team: Brandon Potter, Christine Mitroff, Sejal Karanjkar, Willie Feng-Liu, Brian Nguyen and Paulo Batilay Abstract: As the supply chain gets deeper in complexity and the need to meet…

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A System Level Approach to Power Optimization of Wireless Sensor Nodes Utilizing Electronic Ink Displays - Sean Alling

Environmental monitoring has created a demand for electronic sensing systems that can be installed in a "set and forget" manner. To meet this demand, electronic sensing systems need be…

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ECS 120 5b:2 proof of non-regularity using closure properties

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Paal-Knorr Synthesis of Heterocyclopentadienes

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Robinson Annulations

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UFWH 2021 - Imad Keniar_Uptake of gentamicin and oxytetracycline by plants irrigated with contaminated irrigation water

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Nucleophilic Acyl Substitution

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ECS 220 7b:7.3-1 primitive recursive functions and Bloop

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ECS 220 7b:7.3-2 Ackermann function

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ECS 120 7c:4 example problem in NP - SubsetSum

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