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Characterizing Silicon Vacancies in Silicon Carbide - Eliana Mann

Color centers are point defects in a crystal lattice that exhibit properties that are useful in quantum technologies. We are building a confocal photoluminescence spectroscopy setup to characterize…

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High Frequency Circuit for E-band Sheet Beam Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier - Shasha Qiu

Abstract - In the millimeter-wave and terahertz frequency range, the folded waveguide (FWG) is a typical slow-wave structure employed in traveling wave tube (TWT) design, as the structure offers…

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electron diffraction

from Alom Shahafull video:

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04.26.21 - ECI 247L

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04.19.21 - ECI 247L

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Accelerators, part 2. HV accelerators, Linacs, Synchrotrons. Beam optics.

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ECE-239A_Lecture 10 GMT20201104-184821_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

ECE-239A_Lecture 10 November 4, 2020

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BEAM: A Tool for Academic Writing

This video introduces BEAM as a way to think about purposeful source use in academic writing. BEAM is an acronym for Background, Exhibit, Argument, and Method sources.

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HYD151: Velocity Measurement, part 2

This 35-minute presentation explains the various technologies available to measure velocity in a river.

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