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GW-WS-GSP 2021 Lecture 1: What is Groundwater? - Thomas Harter [UPDATED]

Lecture 1 (Day 1) of "Groundwater, Watersheds, and Groundwater Sustainability Plans - An Online Short Course", May/June 2021

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SSC 109 Review Session MidTerm 1 Apr 19

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SSC109 Review Session MidTerm 1 Apr 19

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ECS 220 4a:6 (P vs. NP) vs. other major mathematical questions

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Lecture 16

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Lecture 15 - Soil Systems, Patterns, and Processes - ESM 120 (Winter 2021)

Soils are the excited skin of the Earth; they are geographically positioned as the interface between the atmosphere and the lithosphere, embodying 1800 Gt of carbon. Today, we are focusing on the…

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HYD151: Wetland Hydrology

This 47-minute presentation presents a case study of how field methods were integrated with data analyses and analytical modeling to work out the various mechanisms by with wind, runoff, and tides…

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HYD151: Surface Sediment Sampling and Measurement, part 1

This 34-minute presentation explains some of the basic properties of sediment as well as how and where to collect sediment samples from terrestrial and aquatic surfaces.

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Gordon Huntington

Name: Gordon L. Huntington Interviewer: Victor V. Rendig Date Interviewed: 3/14/2000 Date Appointed: 1943 Date Retired: 1990 Departments: Land, Air, and Water Resources In this conversation ,…

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Storer Lecture - Sir Peter Crane 04-06-2007

"The Origin and Early Evolution of Angiosperms: Where Next?" ATS Video migrated from on 2015-07-31

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