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2023-2024 UC Davis Engineering Distinguished Speaker Series

Melanie Mitchell - Artificial Intelligence

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High level overview of the simplex method. A proof of correctness for optimality from the simplex method. Introduction to the two phase simplex method.

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Terminology and notation for the simplex method. Dictionaries, basis, slack variables, basic feasible solutions and the relationship between these. Certification of results in terms of the objective…

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Discussion on variable constraints and the use of integral versus real variables.

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ECS 120 1a:2 course policies

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Environmental Toxicology - UC Davis

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SITT 2023: Providing Immediate Feedback with Prairie Learn by Matthew Butner

Tired of rewriting the same Canvas Quiz Question 15+ times in order to randomize it? Have a great idea for a question but are forced to compromise on it to shoehorn into Canvas's very…

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A conversation about the power of alumni experiences for economics students with Janine Wilson: A SITT 2023 Interview with Dr. Andy Jones

Janine L.F. Wilson describes the role that videos from UC Davis economics alumni play in her classes. Such sharings and testimonials provide context for problem sets and also introduce current…

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DOLCE - April 7, 2023 - Faculty presentations on student engagement and student success

On Friday, April 7th, the ATS April DOLCE featured presentations from faculty in Psychology and Computer Science. Dr. Cam Hostinar spoke on “Promoting Student Engagement in Large…

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MAT 168 Optimization lecture-2023-03-17

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DOLCE - February 3, 2023 - Opportunities and Challenges of Flipping a Course

Before the pandemic made Zoom ubiquitous and home-recorded instructional videos commonplace, our colleague from Mathematics, Joseph Biello, had started sharing what he calls “really clear…

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Deborah Samac 2022 WAC - Microbial Community Analysis for Identification of Novel Alfalfa Pathogens

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Deborah Samac 2022 WAC - Key Alfalfa Diseases

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Laura Marcu P.h.D. - Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging in Surgical Oncology

CeDAR (Center for Data science and Artificial intelligence Research) and UCD4IDS (UC Davis TETRAPODS Institute for Data Science) held their first joint conference in person on Friday, December 2,…

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Sexual Wellness For Women After Cancer by Jena Cooreman, LCSW OSW-C

Sexual Wellness For Women After Cancer October 19, 2022 Jena Cooreman, LCSW OSW-C UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center Supportive Oncology Services 10-19-22 FFT Sexual Wellness For Women After Cancer

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