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Lecture 22 of Earth and Planetary Science 131 on November 20,2023

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SAVOR: Brewing Change, Craft Sake in the United States

On November 8, 2023, Yoko Kumano from Umami Mart, Erin O'Donnell from Sun Valley Rice, and Yoshihiro Sako from Den Sake Brewing came together with moderator Glen Fox to discuss craft sake…

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524 Bradford

This interview is with Kent J. Bradford, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Plant Sciences. He was appointed in 1982 (initially in the Vegetable Crops Department) and retired in 2019. Kent’s…

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2023 Black Grad Celebration - Libation Ritual - June 17th, 2023

UC Davis alum, Guy Ollison '94, leads the libation ritual at the 2023 UC Davis Black Grad celebration, held in the Robert & Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts on the UC Davis…

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Dr Westerdahl - NEM 100

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Lecture 10- Global Nutrition Policies & Programs: Food systems policies to prevent obesity

NUT 219B Global Nutrition Policies and Programs Lecture 10 May 4 2023 Food systems policies to prevent obesity

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David Burger honoring Heiner Lieth

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Dan Putnam honoring Robert Hutmacher

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Common Bean_ Culinary Properties

Claudia Carter speaks on the structure and properties of the common bean.

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Bread Wheat: Crop Origins and Cultural Uses Part 3

Claudia Carter talks about the biochemistry of wheat part 3.

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Wheat Field Phenotyping

Saarah Kuzay discusses how to interpret wheat phenotypes in the field.

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Maternal Nutrition during Pregnancy and Lactation

This webinar will explore the overall importance of both prenatal and postpartum maternal nutrition as it relates to milk composition and the health and development of infants. Topics that will be…

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2023-03-08 Ministries for Future - Donna Haraway and Kim Stanley Robinson - March 8th 2023

Donna Haraway and Kim Stanley Robinson in conversation on "Ministries of the Future" to celebrate the new UC Davis Environmental Humanities designated emphasis.…

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VEN 101B Winter 2023 Lecture 8

ADHOC dual stream video, filenames: RMISEN-1000_20230228-090016_S1R1.m4v,RMISEN-1000_20230228-090016_S2R1.m4v

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Linda Welbrecht 1.11.23 IGN Seminar

Targeting Uncertainty to Secure the Future - Food Security in Animal Models

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