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EEC195AB Team 10 Autonomous Car

Team 10 - Harris Habib, Logan Morita, Gia Nguyen, Andrew Fu

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SITT 2023 - Experiential Learning in a Biomedical Device Engineering Course: Proposal Development, Raw Research Data-Based Assignments, Educational Computer Games by Erkin Seker

This talk was given at the 2023 Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology. I'll describe a graduate-level miniaturized biomedical device engineering course that I have developed and taught…

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VEN290 S2023 - Biodynamic Management of Vineyards by McKenzie Skyberg

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Automation of Pump and Probe for THz Spectroscopy

Scott Bricker, Theodora Triano, Mohammedhassan Harara, Nijo Tan, Ian Ramos, & Anthony Pham Abstract: Modern advances in ultrafast laser systems and THz domain transmitters have provided…

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Section 3 02-04-2022

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Section 2 02-03-2022

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Section 1 02-03-2022

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ECS 235B Winter Quarter 2022, Lecture 11

Lecture 11, on January 28, 2022 of ECS 235B, Foundations of Computer and Information Security

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Quantum Spin and the Stern-Gerlach Experiment.

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ServiceNow Coaching

An overview of the ServiceNow Coaching Module.

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ECS 120 5b:2 proof of non-regularity using closure properties

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Some light quantum mechanics

quantum states from Buy 3Blue1Brown and Minutephysics

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Real-time temperature measurements to determine the radial spatial temperature profile of liquid inside a wine fermentor in order to optimize cooling systems

Sensing, Imaging and Signal Processing 15 Team Lead: Christian Gonzalez Advisor: Prof. Knoesen

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ECS 120 7b:3 Optional example problem in P - EulerianGraph

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Lecture 9

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