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SITT 2023: Small Acts of Excel(lence) by Victoria Cross

Four uses of Excel that will make your course and grade management excellent! Starting with the basics of uploading grades from a Scantron output. Moving on to the power of merging data from multiple…

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R Seminar

Speaker, PhD candidate Luis Salazar, from UC Davis, introduces students to RStudio. He discusses what R is, what it can do, and shows what the program looks like when you are working in it. He…

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Stage 5 Data Demonstration Part 4: Aggregating PI Scores

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Stage 5 Data Demonstration Part 2: Preparing Data

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Lecture 5 - Part 3 - Discounting whiteboard and handout

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FST117_L3_Data visualization

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Data Visualization in the Social Sciences | 2015 UC Davis Online and Hybrid Learning Showcase

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