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SITT 2021 - Online discussion board fosters sense of community and contributes to learning in online classes

Talitha van der Meulen To promote social interaction as well as have way to measure participation, we added a discussion board to our class. Students earn points for participation (piped…

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SITT 2021 - Group work: Towards equitable online and in-person teams

Irena Acic and Hannah Stevens Purdue’s CATME Team-Maker is an online assessment tool that instructors can use to assemble more equitable student groups for group work. Instructors can identify…

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SCOPE Organic Small Grains Field Day

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ESP170 L17a March 8 Conservation Finance

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Cynthia Rudin: The Extremes of Interpretability: Sparse Decision Trees and Scoring Systems

See for the details.

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Eli Review: Review Tasks/Peer Workshops

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BIS180L Lecture 3, part one. Review of BLAST.

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