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LAT1 Sec2 11-5 Recording ed.

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LAT1 Sec2 11-3 Recording ed

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LAT1 Sec2 11-3 Recording

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Going for Gold: Setting the Standard for Equine Athletes

This Plugged In event, featuring campus leaders Dr. Carrie J. Finno, Dr. Sarah le Jeune and Dr. John Pascoe, provided an insightful discussion about how the UC Davis Equine Performance and…

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SITT 2021 - Building an Enjoyable and Engaging Online Mandarin Chinese Classroom

Jiao LiSuffice it to say that learning any language remotely is far from ideal. Students tend to divert their attention away from the PowerPoint slides or even doze off during the online ZOOM…

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ABG 205 Lec20

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ABG 205 Lec17

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American options. mat133-2021-notes-2021-05-21.pdf Videos and all other materials are copyright 2021 Matthias Köppe and shared as Open Educational Resources subject to the Creative Commons…

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Using AMPL as a calculator or declarative programming system. The no-arbitrage principle. mat133-2021s-notes-04-07.pdf (contains cz_exercise_1_2.mod) Videos and all other…

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ECS 220 6c:7.2-1 arithmetical hierarchy

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ESP 168a: Video 2.1 - Models and Modeling 1

Modeling Introduction

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Friday discussion for BIS180L, week 1. Answered students' submitted questions on Git, etc.

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Edmund M. Bernauer

In this conversation, Emeritus Professor Edmund Bernauer discusses his career at the University of California at Davis, including important persons and events that shaped his interests and…

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Melvin Ramey

Name: Melvin R. Ramey Interviewer: Karl M. Romstad Date Interviewed: 4/12/2005 Date Appointed: 1967 Date Retired: 2004 Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering In this conversation…

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Mini Medical School Week 3 - 2-18-17

Saturday, FEBRUARY 18, 2017 9 am: Nutrition: Does Anyone Know What to Believe Now?- Dana Lis, Ph.D. 10 am: Fitness and Sports in Midlife and Beyond – Keith Baar, Ph.D.

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