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Backward Design

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2023 Law School Faculty Speaker - Irene Joe - May 13th

Irene Joe gives the faculty address at the 2023 UC Davis School of Law commencement ceremony.

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Week 3 Lecture: Genre Part 2

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Playposit 201: Advanced Features

For those of you looking to improve student engagement with your videos, the tool PlayPosit can help students stay engaged and retain key course content. PlayPosit is an online learning platform…

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CEE Graduate Student Workshop - The Goal is the Guide: Effective Lesson Planning

A Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) workshop from October 12, 2020, on The Goal is the Guide: Effective Lesson Planning. In this webinar, participants will learn how to use integrated course…

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Intro to Snakemake: Part One

See our Snakemake lesson materials here:

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snakemake intro, try 2

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4 May Reflection and Metacognition Workshop

In this webinar, we will explore ways to incorporate reflective practice and encourage metacognition (“thinking about thinking”) in your students’ learning and in your own teaching…

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