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Senior design project eec195, team 12

Autonomous Vehicle Design Project group 12(Chris Chao, Jiagan Li, Yixin Ya, Mengyao Zhang) Line following, traffic light detection, obstacle avodicance.

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Senior Design: Autonomous Lane Following Car

EEC 195A/B Team 10

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Tutorial on Pathfinder

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Walt Klenz: Martha Stoumen & the Business of Natural Wine

Sales trends of natural wine are notoriously hard to track because of its unclear definition. Still, these wines appear on more and more restaurant wine lists, specialty grocery stores, and wine…

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Dr. Moshelion 13 Jan 2022 Plant Sciences Seminar : Diurnal stomatal apertures and density ratios affect whole-canopy stomatal conductance, water-use efficiency and yield

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GW-WS-GSP 2021 Lecture 1: What is Groundwater? - Thomas Harter [UPDATED]

Lecture 1 (Day 1) of "Groundwater, Watersheds, and Groundwater Sustainability Plans - An Online Short Course", May/June 2021

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2021 Plant Breeding Annual Retreat Day 2

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Dr. Courtney Benson: "Academia to Industry: My Carrer ath from Neuroscience to Cellular Aquaculture""

DEB/ECH 294 Seminar on 4-2-21. Dr. Courtney Benson, Scientist III, BlueNalu, Inc. "Academia to Industry: My Career Path from Neuroscience to Cellular Aquaculture".

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Quantum Physics 2

Quantum Mechanics: Wavefunctions

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Hydrogen Spectrum

From Boyd Edwardfull video at

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SCOPE Organic Small Grains Field Day

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VEN290 - Bio-Protection: Uses of Non-Saccharomyces Yeasts in Winemaking as an Alternative to Sulfites

Exit seminar by Stephen McGuire, MS candidate in Viticulture and Enology

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BML - Kura Paul-Burke: "Using traditional Māori knowledge and materials to assist shellfish restoration and reduce microplastic pollution in Ōhiwa harbour, Aotearoa New Zealand."

John & Mary Louise Riley Bodega Marine Laboratory Seminar Series: Kura Paul-Burke: "Using traditional Māori knowledge and materials to assist shellfish restoration and reduce microplastic…

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FST 110L Lab 5 (Retort)

Lab 5: Thermal inactivation of microorganisms Film credit: Amy FletcherEdited by: Stephanie Chen

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UFWH 2021 - Julia Dalmadi_How to Empower Climate & Food Shapers_ Fostering New Ways of Education The case study of Digital Boot Camp of the Future Food Institute

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Entomology 1 Watercolor Demo: Episode 2--Getting Prepared

This video is the second of 5 episodes on creating watercolor paintings that were created for use in Entomology 1: Art, Science and the World of Insects, produced by Diane Ullman, Professor of…

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