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Dr. Oded Shoseyov, "The Plant Age; Materials for the Future

May 14, 2021 The Plant Age; Materials for the Future Oded Shoseyov, PhD Professor, Plant Molecular Biology and Nano Biotechnology The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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500 Christensen

This interview is with Richard M. Christensen, Professor Emeritus of Applied Science. He was hired in 1988 and retired in 1994. He had a varied career in industry, at Lawrence Livermore National…

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Industrial Formation of Alcohols

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BEAM: A Tool for Academic Writing

This video introduces BEAM as a way to think about purposeful source use in academic writing. BEAM is an acronym for Background, Exhibit, Argument, and Method sources.

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SITT 2020 - Dr. Susan Gentry, Dr. Julia Chamberlain, and Dr. Colleen Bronner

"Rapid development of an online seminar: Student strategies for successful remote learning" About the presenters: Dr. Susan P. Gentry is an Associate Professor of Teaching in the…

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HYD151: Subsurface Sediment Characterization and Sampling

This 51-minute presentation presents a long list of technologies for making holes in the Earth's surface to collect subsurface sedimentary samples as well as to create wells for groundwater…

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Back to the Future: Quantum Dark Matter by Laura H. Greene

Speaker: Laura H. Greene, chief scientist, National High Field Magnet Laboratory (MagLab), and professor of physics, Florida State University, and outgoing chair of the American Physical Society.…

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EMS 289C Spring 2018 Maik Lang U Tenn Knoxville

X-ray and neutron probes of disordered and amorphous materials

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EMS 289C Spring 2018 Sabyasachi Sen, UC Davis

Spectroscopic probes for glasses and PDCs

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EMS 289C Spring 2018 Gurpreet Singh, Kansas State

Polymer Derived Ceramics: Nanocomposites and Fibers for Energy Applications

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EMS 289C Spring 2018 Gabriela Mera, Darmstadt

Synthesis and Structure of Polymer-Derived Ceramic Materials

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