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Niki Riazati: "Association of Microbial Tryptophan Metabolites with Immune Activity in Healthy Adults"

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Merging Metasurfaces and Nanomechanical Resonators for IR sensing

Photonic and Electronic Devices 24 Team Lead: Melisa Ekin Gulseren Advisor: Prof. Gomez-Diaz

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Lecture 2. Tues Oct 6. Prevalence and impact, Vertebrate vs Invert, Plant defense types

I describe the major differences between vertebrate and invertebrate herbivory. Also give examples of types of plant defenses

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VEN290 Effect of heat waves and irrigation practices on grapevine physiology and berry chemistry by Martina Galeano (April 28 2020)

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PBI298 Lecture#4-4 BXAs & Alkamides

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PLB298 Lecture#3 PHENOLICS

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