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SITT 2022: Flipped lecture videos and effects on active learning by Julia Chamberlain

Includes a welcome message for SITT 2022 participants from Dr. Andy Jones. Presentation begins at 10:55. What happens when an instructor moves part of their lecture material to online videos in…

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Erika Jacqueline Amort, the student manager of the Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center at UC Davis, spoke about the importance of providing basic needs to students and what it meant to her when she…

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SITT 2021 - Video Brings Voice, Complementarity and Multilingual Reach to our Biodemography Textbook

James Carey I will report on the strategies and methods I am using to produce playlists of scripted video modules for virtually all of the content in each of 11 chapters in my recently published…

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UFWH 2021 - Samantha Udarbe_Assessing the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Stress and Food Insecurity in College Students

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BIS 2B Lab 1 section A01

Spring 2021 BIS 2B Lab 1 Section A01

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EEC 100 Lab 07 - Fourier Series

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Syllabus and Introduction

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ECS 120 4b:2 RRGs can simulate DFAs proof

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Section 2.1 #38 (modified) - Insulin Injection

Modeling drug concentration Finding recurrence relations Fixed points of sequences

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HPA at DavisFest

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101C: Video 1_Ask Andy 1 - Week 5

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EEC 10 Tips 02 - LTspice

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