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3.3 Universal Design for Learning

This video is part of the A.C.T. Assessment Course developed by the Center for Educational Effectiveness. A.C.T. is a fully asynchronous, self-paced course open to all UC Davis faculty, instructors,…

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ECS-036A: 2023-05-17 13:07

ECS-036A Lecture 2023-05-17 at 13:07

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Stage 5 Part 3: Interrogating Results

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Stefan Schonsheck P.h.D. - Representation of Non-Euclidean Domains and Analysis of Signals Thereon

CeDAR (Center for Data science and Artificial intelligence Research) and UCD4IDS (UC Davis TETRAPODS Institute for Data Science) held their first joint conference in person on Friday, December 2,…

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Tutorial on Determining Clusters

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Hierarchical Training for Distributed Deep Learning over Bandlimited Networks - Siyu Qiu

Distributed deep learning (DL) plays a critical role in many wireless Internet of Things (IoT) applications including remote camera deployment. This work addresses three practical challenges in…

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ECS20 - W22 - Lecture 8 (4R): Sets 3

Review of strings and languages. Closing a set of languages using some operators. Regular languages. Examples. BYTE, WORD32, and WORD64 as languages computers "like", and how we…

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ECS20 - W22 - Lecture 2 (1R): Logic 1

Familiar sets and operators on them. The boolean domain and basic operators on booleans (AND, OR, NOT). Representing numbers in binary, and in other bases. Can you represent anything you care about…

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AMS-1C: Lecture 09-29

AMS-1C Lecture 2021-09-29 at 16:10

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Meeting 5-18-21: Neural Engineering Framework

Algorithmic Frameworks for Neuromorphic Computing: Neural Engineering Framework (NEF) Luis El Srouji gives an overview and explanation of the Neural Engineering Framework which can calculate weight…

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Abstract: Sparse Manifold clustering and embedding (SMCE) is an algorithm to cluster nonlinear manifolds using self-representation in the dictionary of data points and a proximity regularization. A…

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In this talk, we offer an entirely “white box’’ interpretation of deep (convolution) networks from the perspective of data compression (and group invariance). In particular, we show…

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ECS 220 7b:7.3-4 a universal partial recursive function

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ECS 220 4c:6.3-1 problems not in P and a natural problem in EXP - P

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ECS 220 3a:4-5.2 string representation of Turing machine

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LP Polyhedra-Lec9

Weyl-Minkowski's theorem proved using Fourier Motzkin elimination and Polarity of cones.

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