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2023-2024 UC Davis Engineering Distinguished Speaker Series

Melanie Mitchell - Artificial Intelligence

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Here is our presentation for the project.

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Paul CaraDonna Seminar: Understanding Plant-Pollinator Interactions

"Plant-pollinator interactions are ubiquitous and play an important role in ecosystem functioning across the globe, Critically, plants, pollinators, and their interactions face numerous threats…

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Quantum Wrapper Networking (IPC 2021)

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HDE 131 Spring 2023, Lecture 3.1, Practice Activity

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HDE 131 Spring 2023, Lecture 3.1

HDE 131 Spring Lecture on Social Relationships & Thriving

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UC Davis Graduate Program of Environmental Policy and Management 1

Video by Benjamin Fargen Films

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"From Pharma to Cell Ag: Building a Career in the Biotech Industry" - Dr. Vanessa Small

DEB/ECH 294 SEMINAR "From Pharma to Cell Ag: Building a Career in the Biotech Industry" Vanessa Small, PhD Founder and CEO Alcheme BioFriday, March 3, 2023 Abstract:…

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PLP 290 Winter 2023 2-6-2023 Working on the Interface Between Science and Policy

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Prof. Cauwenberghs: Reverse Engineering the Cognitive Brain in Silicon and Memristive Neuromorphic System

Prof. Cawenberghs presents neuromorphic cognitive computing systems-on-chip implemented in custom silicon compute-in-memory neural and memristive synaptic crossbar array architectures that combine…

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Zhanyou Xu 2022 WAC - What Have We Learned from 20 Years of Breeding for Alfalfa Root System Architecture?

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Career Development Week_Strategies for Hybrid Remote Networking Nov2022

In the age of remote work, many pressed the pause button on career networking, and the return to natural way we met new people, at physical workspaces and events, is still in transition at best. In…

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ECS-235A, November 23, 2022

ECS-235A, Lecture 26, November 23, 2022

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How Plant Cells Divide (Cytokinesis)

Plant cells divide by building a wall inside an existing cell to create two new daughter cells. The process is called cytokinesis, and this video explains how it happens. Created in collaboration…

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