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Quantum Physics 3

Quantum Field Theory

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How to Visualize QFT.m4v

from ZAP physics

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Carl Sagan on Special Relativity

From the original Cosmos series on PBS.

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Easy Breathe Face Mask

2021 EE-Emerge Presentation Advisor: Prof. Knoesen

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Controlling the photon absorption characteristics in avalanche photodetectors for high resolution biomedical imaging

Photonic and Electronic Devices 26 Team Lead: Cesar Bartolo Perez Advisor: Prof. Islam

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MOSAC Photovoltaic Cell Powered Rover: R.ICK2 Rover

Senior Design Project: SD18 (Robots/Auto) Team Lead: Marilyn Kung Advisor: Prof. Amirtharajah

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Autonomous Car Project

Senior Design Project: SD17 (Robots/Auto) Team Leads: Andrea Anaya, Ann Ryan, Caitlin Pasqualino, Ethan De Leon Advisor: Lance Halsted

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EVE 115 W2021 Lecture 02

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EEC 195B: Autonomous Car Project (Team 3)

Video detailing Team 3's process for the Autonomous Car Senior Design Project.

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EEC-239A_Lecture 8 GMT20201026-174017

EEC-239A_Lecture 8 GMT20201026-174017

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ESP 168a: Video 6.4 - Risk and Uncertainty


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Section 1.1 #8 - Introduction to derivatives

Drawing graph of velocity based on a graph of position, plus general discussion of interpreting the graphs and applying the principles to other contexts.

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101C: Week 5_Video 13 - Water Potential With Dr Bartlett 4.MOV

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