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Intermediate R: Squashing Bugs with R’s Debugging Tools - 2024-02-01

This intermediate R workshop focuses on how to find and fix bugs in your R code, as well as how to make code more reliable and efficient in the first place. We’ll cover how to raise and…

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UC Davis Viticulture and Enology Office Hours: Information about Spotted Lanternfly

On Tuesday, March 5th, from 1-2 pm PT, the Department of Viticulture & Enology at UC Davis Office Hours: Information about Spotted Lanternfly. Cindy Kron, UCANR Integrated Pest Management…

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2023 Doxie Derby 04-14-23

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Stacey Swanson 2022 WAC - Corteva Crop Protection Tools for Alfalfa

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BIS 2B Video 3

Post Lab 8 video, Jose and Sophia Lab section C07.

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lab 8

Sabrina Speckman Myla Obregon Nilesh Thiagarajan

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Post Lab 8 Video

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BIS 2B A03 Post Lab

Group members: Kelly May, Julianna Jordan, Gabby Azcueta, Valeria Romero

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BIS2B CO2 Video

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Bis 2B Post Lab 8 C01

Bis 2B Post Lab 8 C01

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BIS 2B Post Lab 8

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BIS 2B Post Lab 8: Lauren Summers, Cai Newman, Simrat Bhungal, Jasleen Nat

BIS 2B Post lab 8 Lauren Summers Cai Newman Simrat Bhungal Jasleen Nat

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Our group members are Jet Zheng, Qiudi Cheng, Qian Chen and Guillermo Garibay. We researched on color difference between bugs which feed on golden rain trees and balloon vine trees.

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Evidence for Incipient Speciation

Bis 2B Lab 8 Video Upload on Evidence for Incipient Speciation

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Virtually on the Road in Madera, Mariposa & Merced Counties

UC Davis went virtually On the Road to Madera, Mariposa and Merced Counties on February 22, 2021. Speakers included Kendra Baumgartner, Kent Daane, Akif Eskalen, Helen Dahlke, George Zhuang, and…

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