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Here is our presentation for the project.

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Laura Perilla-Henao Exit Seminar

“Ecology, genetics, and genomics of biological nitrogen fixation in the wild: Cicer spp. symbiosis with esorhizobium spp. as a source for useful alleles in agriculture”

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UC Davis AATC Writing Support Center Overview

This video aims to let people know more about writing services in the Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers at the University of California, Davis. If you would like to look at the Prezi to follow…

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ECS-036A: 2023-05-31 13:07

ECS-036A Lecture 2023-05-31 at 13:07

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ECS-036A: 2023-05-26 13:07

ECS-036A Lecture 2023-05-26 at 13:07

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15th Joint Math/Stat Colloquium by Michael Bronstein (Oxford): Physics-inspired Learning on Graphs

This is a video recording of the 15th Joint Math/Stat Colloquium (also a part of the MADDD seminar series) by Prof. Michael Bronstein on "Physics-inspired Learning on Graphs."Abstract: The…

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ECS-036A: 2023-05-15 13:07

ECS-036A Lecture 2023-05-15 at 13:07

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MCB-143 Lecture 11 (May 11th 2023)

MCB-143 Lecture 2023-05-11 at 08:57

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ECS-036A: 2023-05-10 13:07

ECS-036A Lecture 2023-05-10 at 13:07

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Common Bean_ Culinary Properties

Claudia Carter speaks on the structure and properties of the common bean.

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MCB-143 Lecture 4 (April 13th 2023)

MCB-143 Lecture 2023-04-13 at 08:57

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Storer Lecture (Peer Lecture) - Sean Eddy - March 7, 2023

Sean Eddy is a computational biologist at Harvard University. Before moving to Harvard in 2015, he was a group leader at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Janelia Research Campus, and before…

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Stage 6 Part 3: Communicating Results

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Career Development Week_Exploring Career Tracks with Transferable Skills Nov2022

Career Tracks defines job families and functions, throughout the UC system, and creates consistency in job standards and skill requirements for each position level. Transferrable skills are the…

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How Plant Cells Divide (Cytokinesis)

Plant cells divide by building a wall inside an existing cell to create two new daughter cells. The process is called cytokinesis, and this video explains how it happens. Created in collaboration…

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