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Introducing Aggie Phone, Powered by Zoom

In the next academic year, Aggie Phone, powered by Zoom, will become the primary telephony service at UC Davis. Aggie Phone provides a superior user experience, the flexibility needed in the…

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Project Lesson 2

Project Lesson 2 Transfer Bridge 2023

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A System Level Approach to Power Optimization of Wireless Sensor Nodes Utilizing Electronic Ink Displays - Sean Alling

Environmental monitoring has created a demand for electronic sensing systems that can be installed in a "set and forget" manner. To meet this demand, electronic sensing systems need be…

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How Does a Transistor Work?

from Veritasium

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EEC 100 Lab 08 - Laplace Transform

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ECS 120 3c:3 NFA concatenation proof

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ECS 120 3b:2 gotchas-multiple union or intersection

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EEC239A Lecture 17 GMT20201202-185608_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

EEC239A Lecture 17 GMT20201202-185608_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

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EEC239A Lecture 16 GMT20201130-185551_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

EEC239A Lecture 16 GMT20201130-185551_EEC-239A-0_2560x1440

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How to Enable Breakout Rooms

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Ethernet Registration

Helpful links: Connectivity information for students living in the dorms Connecting a Mac computer to the campus wired network Connecting a Windows PC to the campus wired network

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Sinusoidal Response of Circuits (Part1: Differential Equation Approach)

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Learning Glass - UCDH Office of Continuing Medical Education

Learning Glass - UCDH Office of Continuing Medical Education

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