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Lauren Au 1.31.24 IGN Seminar

Beyond the English Channel: Navigating hypothermia and caloric needs during marathon swimming while pregnant

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How to do Exercise 3 (SAS25)

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Essay 1 Tutorial SAS25

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Project Lesson 3

AvenueE Transfer Bridge 2023 Project Lesson 3

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Project Lesson 2

Project Lesson 2 Transfer Bridge 2023

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Viewing Scans Across the peaks in Skyline

Bini Ramachandran Hoped on Zoom to help me figure out scans across the peak in skyline! Thanks Bini!!

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Heavy Ion mini course session 11

Heavy ion physics for summer undergraduate researchers. Discussion of the meaning of a plasma and a quark-gluon plasma. Discussion of jet quenching. Discussion of the energy density in Lattice QCD.

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VEN290 S2023 - The Links Between Vineyard Site, Microbiota, and Fermentation Outcomes by Melissa Peabody

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Dr. Terry McGlynn - Lessons about thermal ecology from rainforest ants

"As the world is getting hotter, we are now urgently focused on understanding on how climate change affecting insect populations and communities. Many insects in tropical rainforests are…

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Dr. Sylvain Pincebourde - The key role of microclimates in modulating the response of ectotherms to climate change

"In a warming world, species may buffer to some extent part of the environmental changes by exploiting the microclimates that are available across space and time. My presentation will focus on…

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515 Warren Pickett

This interview is with Warren Pickett, Distinguished Professor of Physics Emeritus. After an 18-year career at the Naval Research Laboratory, he came to Davis as Professor of Physics in 1997 and…

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Alan Rotz 2022 WAC - Climate Change & Forage Production

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2022 WAC November 15th - Panel Questions 4

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Derrick Moot 2022 WAC - Modelling Growth & Quality of the Alfalfa-Livestock System

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Tom Menne 2022 WAC - Using Telemetry to Manage Irrigations

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EPS 131 Lecture 20 Part 3 11-16-2022

EPS 131 Lecture 20 Part 3 11-16-2022

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