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Dr. Andy Jones' Video Preview video of the March 1, 2024 DOLCE on interactive instructional video with PlayPosit

Watch the full recording of the event.

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2.1 Establishing Learning Outcomes

This video is part of the A.C.T. Assessment Course developed by the Center for Educational Effectiveness. A.C.T. is a fully asynchronous, self-paced course open to all UC Davis faculty, instructors,…

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A conversation about assessments and AI in large STEM classes with Cecilia Giulivi: A SITT 2023 Interview with Dr. Andy Jones

Cecilia Giulivi shares how concerns about authentic and sustained learning in her biochemistry course led her to substitute a one-page essay for the more typical multiple-choice questions test to…

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HDE 131, Spring 2023, Lecture 1.4, Part 4

HDE 131, Spring 2023, Lecture 1.4 - Research Methods Part 4 of Lecture 1.4

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"From Pharma to Cell Ag: Building a Career in the Biotech Industry" - Dr. Vanessa Small

DEB/ECH 294 SEMINAR "From Pharma to Cell Ag: Building a Career in the Biotech Industry" Vanessa Small, PhD Founder and CEO Alcheme BioFriday, March 3, 2023 Abstract:…

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ECS 220 4b:6.1-2 relation of NP to finding mathematical proofs

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The Art of Data Visualization

from PBS Digital Studios

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Student talk_Mittal_Jasoliya_IGGalumnus_video

Dr. Mittal Jasoliya, an IGG alum, describes her PhD experience and her current position in the biotech industry

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The Grandi Lab

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Horizontal Reading

Demonstration of Horizontal Reading strategies using the Miller and Schultz article about university literacy.

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SITT 2020 Interview: Andy Jones and Allen Pettey

Pedagogical Variance Across Courses: Feedback from Student Engagement, Learning, and Surveys Dr. Pettey rapidly converted to remote instruction and taught three courses concurrently during Spring…

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May 18, 2020. Researching and Writing Human Rights Reports, pt,2

May 18, 2020. Researching and Writing Human Rights Reports; Writing Therapy; Memoir Writing, pt.2.

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ESM108_Discussion 1

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eDNA Symposium - Richard Connon and Louise Conrad - Jan 29 2020


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William Chancellor

Name: William J. Chancellor Interviewer: Robert B. Fridley Date Interviewed: 9/25/2001 Date Appointed: 1957 Date Retired: 2004 Department: Biological and Agricultural Engineering In this…

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