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Feeding Transitions_Part 2

Feeding Transitions PowerPoint is HEREAdditional Resources can be found HERE

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Large Field-of-view 3D Imaging Using Random Microlens Array

Photonic and Electronic Devices 22 Team Lead: Feng Tian Advisor: Prof. Yang

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Metasurface with Bounded Angular Field of View for Compact and Large Field of View Imaging

Photonic and Electronic Devices 21 Team Lead: Junjie Hu Advisor: Prof. Yang

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UFWH 2021 - Erin Esaryk_Graduate students at California public universities feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Soil N Ch 4 Part 1 Apr 23 Lecture

Soil N lecture Part 1

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Relative Reactivity of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives

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ENV200C - Theory and Practice

Module 1, connecting theory to governance practice

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ECS 120 9a:4 recipe for showing undecidability

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ECS 120 3b:3 NFA union example

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ECS 120 3b:2 gotchas-multiple union or intersection

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Faculty Profile - Gitta Coaker

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PLS100BL Lab 5: Plant Growth Analysis and Fruit Load

Video introducing the basis of plant growth analysis and how carbon allocation may affect the overall growth of a plant. An explanation of plant growth curves (total crop) is provided. The…

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ESP 168a: Video 11.1 - International and Intergenerational Issues

A Brief History of International Environmental Policy

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Office Hours with Dave and Anita. Episode 8. Phenolic Extractability and Reactivity

Anita Oberholster, David Block, Andy Waterhouse, and James Campbell talk about their research into the extraction of phenolics during red winemaking, including the effects of grape maturity,…

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VEN290 Factors leading to sluggish and stuck fermentation by Jiangshaoqian Zhu (May 19 2020)

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2020 Miller Symposium - Jennifer Doudna - Mar 6th 2020

Genome Editing with CRISPR-Cas Systems: Challenges and Opportunities in a New Era of Biology by Jennifer Doudna. Doudna is the closing plenary speaker at the 20th annual R. Bryan Miller Symposium at…

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