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SITT 2022: Using Gradescope to bring some of the features of online tests into in-person exams by Victoria Cross

Many of our students prefer the allure of remote exams - the promise of open-book, open-notes, open-google. However, much of the material our students need to master requires serious study and…

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Workshop 10: Executing Large Analyses on HPC Clusters with Slurm

This workshop will introduce attendees to the slurm system for using, queuing and scheduling analyses on high performance compute clusters. We will also cover cluster computing concepts and talk…

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Discussion 10-30

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VEN 140 5/06 /20 Konrad Miller

VEN 140 5/06/2020 Copyright Konrad Miller PhD PE Do no distribute without permission [email protected]

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interlude 2, video 2, Music 107B

Using keys and mouse as controllers.

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VEN 101C: Week 3 - One Year Olds 1

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