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EEC195AB Team 10 Autonomous Car

Team 10 - Harris Habib, Logan Morita, Gia Nguyen, Andrew Fu

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Lec 25, May 31.mp4

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Yangnan Gu - Towards Understanding of The Plant Nuclear Membrane and Its Role in Immune Regulation

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Coming back down to Earth: from cosmology to the factory

Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Thorne, Atomic Industries Abstract: I currently work on applied physics and machine learning at Atomic Industries. At Atomic we are jointly automating the design and…

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From Physics to Entrepreneurship: Highlighting the Career Trajectory of Yatish Mishra

Yatish Mishra's story shows how a solid education and experience can open doors to diverse and successful careers. After earning an Applied Physics degree from UC Davis, Yatish transitioned into…

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Lec 21, May 20.mp4

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DOLCE - April 19, 2024 - Generative AI and writing

Watch this recording from Friday, April 19th, 2024 of a noon Faculty Forum on Generative AI and Writing hosted by Academic Technology Services.We were joined by four faculty members from the…

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Lecture 5, Apr 10.mp4

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UWP Canvas Outcomes How-To

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Jason Montez 3.6.24 IGN Seminar

Updating FAO-WHO nutrient intake values for infants and young children

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PLO Assessment Overview

This video is intended for faculty, instructors, and other individuals who are supporting learning outcomes assessment for academic programs (e.g., majors, minors, and special programs). For more…

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Speakers: Reema Hamasha (University of Michigan) - Ariella Hoffman-Peterson (University of Michigan) - Christy Navarro (UC Davis Health Clinical and Translational Science Center)Embark on a…

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DOLCE - February 2, 2024 - Reflective AI Alternatives and Metacognition

Please enjoy the recording of a DOLCE event on Friday, February 2, 2024. We heard presentations from Russ Carpenter from the University Writing Program and Patricia Turner from the Center for…

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