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Gradescope for New Users (for the Ed Tech Spotlight Series)

Recorded Monday, November 14, 2022 Find information about the other workshops in the Ed Tech Spotlight Series. This one-hour overview workshop focused on using Gradescope in classes with handwritten…

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SITT 2022: Using Gradescope to bring some of the features of online tests into in-person exams by Victoria Cross

Many of our students prefer the allure of remote exams - the promise of open-book, open-notes, open-google. However, much of the material our students need to master requires serious study and…

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SITT 2022: Using the diverse question types in iClicker to engage students in the classroom by Whitney Duim

Many of us are familiar with the multiple choice classroom polling possible with iClicker, but iClicker Cloud also allows for students to respond to multiple answer (“select all that…

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ARE/ECN 115A: Random Samples vs Random Treatment - SUPPLEMENT

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ECS 235A Fall Quarter 2021, Lecture 16, October 27, 2021

This is the video of the sixteenth lecture. It's crude as I made it from my laptop, as the room has no video recording. Hope this is clear!

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SITT 2021 - Striking the Balance: Policies that Allow Flexibility While Nudging Good Decisions

Victoria Cross Flexibility is the name of the game. But with a great privilege, like extensive flexibility in a course, comes great responsibility. The more flexibility that we build into our…

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The Center for Multicultural Perspectives on Social Science, Arts, and Humanities presents a conversation with faculty scholars on research and life through the pandemic. There will be an open and…

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env200c institutional theories

Overview of prominent insitutional theories

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ECS 220 3a:2-5.3 Tromino Domino-Tiling

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ECS 220 2c:5.3-3 3-Coloring reduces to Independent-Set

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ECS 220 2c:5.3-2 NAE-SAT reduces to 3-Coloring

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ECS 220 1c:4.2-2 planar coloring

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ECS 120 5b:3 example of incorrect use of pumping lemma

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W21 2B Homework #7 Answer Key

Video answer key explaining Homework #7

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LP Polyhedra-Lec12

Dealing with initialization and degeneracy

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His 147A: Kierkegaard

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