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Storer Lecture (Public Lecture) - Stachidananda Panda - October 3, 2022

Professor Satchin Panda has been a leader in the field of circadian biology throughout his career in science. His discovery of a blue light sensor in the retina has led to human-centric lighting in…

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PHYEPS30 Lecture 7 (Second Part)

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General Relativity and GPS

From the Perimeter Institute full video at

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Carl Sagan on Special Relativity

From the original Cosmos series on PBS.

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2019 Delta Invasive Species Symposium: Welcome Introduction

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HYD151: Dataloggers

This 33-minute presentation explains what a dataloggers is, what its components are, ad some of the different practical issues that come up in using one.

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Storer Lecture - Ian Baldwin 4-7-15

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Storer Lecture - Amita Sehgal 1-15-15

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Lawrence Rappaport

Name: Lawrence Rappaport Interviewer: Kent J. Bradford Date Interviewed: 4/25/2000 Date Appointed: 1958 Date Retired: 1991 Departments: Department of Vegetable Crops, Plant Growth Laboratory …

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6/2/2017 DOLCE : Maximizing Learning from Instructional Video

Dr. Margaret Merrill focused her discussion on instructional uses of video. Steve Faith shared his expertise in regards to lecture capture. Both presenters shared practical and immediately…

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Storer Lecture - Thomas D. Pollard 03-14-2006

"The Molecular Mechanism of Cellular Motility". ATS Video migrated from on 2015-07-31

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ECS40: 2015-02-04 11:00 C++ iomanip, fstream, overloaded operators, friend.

ECS40 Lecture 2015-02-04 at 11:00

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ECS40: 2015-01-21 11:00 UNIX processes and signals, circular references in header files, P1

ECS40 Lecture 2015-01-21 at 11:00

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