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The Future of California: Agricultural Innovation and Sustainability

At this Plugged In event, you’ll hear from leadership and esteemed faculty from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences share some of the latest and most exciting…

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Dr. Romina Gazis-Seregina - The Crucial Role of Diagnostics in Disease Management

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1.1 What is Assessment?

This video is part of the A.C.T. Assessment Course developed by the Center for Educational Effectiveness. A.C.T. is a fully asynchronous, self-paced course open to all UC Davis faculty, instructors,…

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524 Bradford

This interview is with Kent J. Bradford, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Plant Sciences. He was appointed in 1982 (initially in the Vegetable Crops Department) and retired in 2019. Kent’s…

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Dr Westerdahl - NEM 100

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Dan Putnam honoring Robert Hutmacher

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Alan Bennett honoring Kent Bradford

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History Domestication and Uses of Phaseolus Beans

Jorge Berny leads a seminar about the history, domestication, and cultural uses of Phaseolus beans.

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VEN 101B Winter 2023 Lecture 8

ADHOC dual stream video, filenames: RMISEN-1000_20230228-090016_S1R1.m4v,RMISEN-1000_20230228-090016_S2R1.m4v

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Josh Gamble 2022 WAC - Can Alfalfa Improve Soil Carbon Storage?

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Daniel Keppen 2022 WAC - Facing Realities of Water Limitations in the Western US

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John Squire 2022 WAC - Can a Second Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Add Value to Alfalfa?

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Derrick Moot 2022 WAC - Modelling Growth & Quality of the Alfalfa-Livestock System

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Priscilla Pinto 2022 WAC - Ecosystem Services of Perennial Forages

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Yingjun Zhang 2022 WAC - Alfalfa for Better Management of Farm Scale Nitrogen

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