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529 Lacy

This interview is with William B (Bill) Lacy, Professor Emeritus Human Ecology and Vice Provost Emeritus for University Outreach and International Programs. He came to Davis in 1999 and retired in…

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The Future of California: Agricultural Innovation and Sustainability

At this Plugged In event, you’ll hear from leadership and esteemed faculty from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences share some of the latest and most exciting…

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International Agricultural Development Admissions Webinar

Learn more about the International Agricultural Development Masters of Science program. Key insight into preparing to be a successful applicant, deadline is December 15th. Information about research,…

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Digitizing Agriculture: Drone-based Plant Monitoring

At this Plugged In event, Professor Alireza Pourreza, director of the UC Davis Digital Agriculture Laboratory, will share some of the exciting research happening in digital agriculture and aerial…

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ANS 2 - Part III: Locating the peer-reviewed Animal Science Literature

•Find CAB Abstracts on Ovid – two paths to get there•Know what information is included in the CAB Abstracts database•Understand how the Advanced Search works•Learn how to…

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Storer Lecture (Public Lecture) - Ivette Perfecto - March 15, 2023

Ivette Perfecto is the James E. Crowfoot Collegiate Professor of Environmental Justice. Her research focuses on biodiversity and arthropod-mediated ecosystem services in rural and urban agriculture.…

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2023-03-08 Ministries for Future - Donna Haraway and Kim Stanley Robinson - March 8th 2023

Donna Haraway and Kim Stanley Robinson in conversation on "Ministries of the Future" to celebrate the new UC Davis Environmental Humanities designated emphasis.…

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Frank Mitloehner 2022 WAC - Tackling Realities of Animal Carbon Emissions & Its Link to Forage Carbon Cycling

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Daniel Keppen 2022 WAC - Facing Realities of Water Limitations in the Western US

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2022 UC Davis Nuts and Berries Conference - Introduction and Welcome

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2022 Emerging Technologies - May 24 - Sessions 3 & 4

0:00 - 3:49:55 (Total Time) Session 3 - Mechanical & Robotic Harvesting 0:00 - 48:05:00 Current Trends in Mechanized & Robotic Harvesting - Louise Ferguson 48:05:00 - 1:39:29 Theory and…

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Mobile Filter Webinar 030722

Several classes of pesticides have been shown to impair water quality in California, including organophosphates, pyrethroids and neonicotinoids. Vegetative treatment systems (VTS) can…

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Leslie 16 Feb 2022 Plant Sciences Winter Seminar "Queering Food Systems for Justice and Sustainability"

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Mattson 19 Jan 2022 Plant Sciences Seminar: Urban controlled environment agriculture: Optimizing plant quality, environmental, and socioeconomic outcomes

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