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Filipino Fiesta 2023 - SD 480p

The Filipino Fiesta is an annual celebration of the Filipino community in commemoration of small snippets in the history of the Philippines. People enjoy the local cuisine, traditional clothing,…

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522 Xiaomei Chen

This interview is with Xiaomei Chen, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Chinese Literature and Culture. She was appointed in 2003 and retired in 2021.Xiaomei’s research interests include…

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HDE 131 Spring 2023, Lecture 4.4

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His 147B: May 2 Lecture Part 1: Jung (Conclusion)

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His 147A 001 (W'23), Lecture 11: Darwin

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His 147A 0U1 (w'23) Lecture 5: British SF

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His 147A (W'23) Lecture 6: The Brontës and WUTHERING HEIGHTS

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Welcome and Introduction

College of Letters and Science Dean Atekwana GTI Founding Director Katharine Burnett

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His 147A (W 23), Lecture 2: ERB and the "Planetary Romance"

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Career Development Week_Authenticity Bringing Your Whole Self to Work Nov2022

Authenticity is being yourself without covering or hiding elements of you. In this session you will be given time to process in a variety of ways to think through how people and situations…

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Residency Experiences: A Supportive Environment: Dr. Kaitlin Ford and Asst. Professor Dr. David S. Chen

Resident Dr. Kaitlin Ford talks about the positive support she received from another more senior resident. That senior resident, Dr. David S. Chen (who has since joined UC Davis faculty) discusses…

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1) Culture of the Fukushima Disasters: Japanese Film, Literature, Manga, and Photography after 3.11 INTRODUCTION

8th Annual Alan Templeton Distinguished Lecture in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures: Special Event The Culture of the Fukushima Disasters: Japanese Film, Literature, Manga, and…

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SITT 2022: Strategies and Practices in Facilitating Students' Class Engagement by Yutian Tan

In this presentation, the author will share her strategies in facilitating students' engagement and discussion in an introductory level culture class (CHN 009: Introduction to Chinese Language…

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Kaltura Capture recording - August 9th 2022, 2:25:54 pm

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HDE 131 Lecture 4.3 Recording

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HDE 131 Lecture 4.1 Recording - July 19th 2022, 3:14:18 pm

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