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ECS-235A, October 31, 2022

ECS-235A, Lecture 18, October 31, 2022

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Ciara Mullen, a 3rd year NPB major with a minor in Public Health at UC Davis, spoke about the importance of service and representation in education. She states “As a woman of color, working in…

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Basche 9 Feb 2022 Plant Sciences Winter Seminar "Considering the “who” and “how” to achieve sustainable intensification goals"

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ARE/ECN 115A: The Oaxaca Hope Project Overview

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Building and Negotiating an Academic Career: Early Career to Dean’s Office

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ECS 289M Winter Quarter 2022 Lecture for Jan 3

Lecture of January 3, 2022 of ECS 289M, Research in Computer Security Chat: 15:45:15 From Greesan Gurumurthy to Everyone: is staged related to milestones?15:49:31 From Greesan Gurumurthy to…

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LAT1 Sec1 10-18 Recording

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LAT1 Sec1 Recording 10-18-21

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SITT 2021 - What’s the Point of a Learning Framework? Designing and Implementing Systematic Instruction

Joe Anistranski This interactive presentation will guide attendees toward learning framework design with a focus on using technological tools after making deliberate choices for design and…

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SITT 2021 - Striking the Balance: Policies that Allow Flexibility While Nudging Good Decisions

Victoria Cross Flexibility is the name of the game. But with a great privilege, like extensive flexibility in a course, comes great responsibility. The more flexibility that we build into our…

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UFWH 2021 - Hollen Terry_Auburn University and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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env200c - policy tools and policy goals

Identifying the policy goals and policy tools in your strategy memos

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Welcome video

Welcome to ENV200C!

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Lecture 20 - Sustainability Science (ESM 120) - Winter 2021

Today, is our final lecture. Today, we conclude our incredible exploration through time, across the universe, and deep into the mysteries of the remarkable planet we know as Earth, with today’s…

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Healthy UC Davis 2021 Proposals Informational Session

Do you have an idea to make UC Davis the healthiest community in the nation? Learn about the Healthy UC Davis 2021 Call for Proposals in this informational session. Topics include: Short overview…

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GGNB Student Stories - Cristina Moraga

Cristina Moraga is a first year PhD student in the Engle-Stone lab

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